Henderson Modern Horizontal Wood Fence Designs

Let’s face it.  Fences can be boring.  They’re usually not a property’s featured design element.  Their purpose is basically to provide privacy and protect your property from unwanted visitors. If, however, you want to stand out from the crowd, you may want to consider a horizontal wood fence. We recently installed a combination iron and horizontal wood fence for Tamara D. in Henderson.  She is absolutely in love with it and how much it stands out in the neighborhood. If you want to stand out in your neighborhood, call at A1 Fence LV!

Is horizontal fencing better?

There are pros and cons to all sorts of fencing applications.  With a horizontal wood fences, the setting and overall aesthetic play a large role.

Modern versus Traditional

If your house has a solidly traditional style, the modern feel of a horizontal wood fence may prove to be too much of a contrast.

There are design tricks we can use, such as softening horizontal lines with brick columns or using light wood colors.  At the end of the day, it’s entirely possible that a horizontal fencing may clash too much for your specific project.

The Size of Your Property

If you have a corner lot or long property line, a horizontal wood fence is an excellent way to showcase it.

Horizontal fencing naturally draws your eye around the perimeter of your property.  This can give you a strategic landscaping advantage if you have a particular structural feature you’d like to emphasize.

If you want to show off your home’s square footage, horizontal wood fences  are  the perfect choice.

Is a Horizontal Wood Fence Stronger?

Horizontal wood fencing tends to be heavier and sturdier than vertical fences.  They are usually anchored with metal posts and the horizontal boards (or slats) add weight for strength.

The more you deal with wood, the easier it becomes to notice when a fence is starting to rot. Usually this starts at the base of each post where they meet the ground and gradually moves up until there’s no saving that side of the fence. 

The metal posts in our fences are strong enough not just to resist rotting but also give you peace-of-mind knowing we’re keeping those pesky bugs out!

Wooden structures like fencing can start weakening as their support structure rots away–and once one area goes bad, then all bets are off because eventually things will turn into Swiss cheese if left unchecked long enough.

Our iron frame system has exceptional durability which means fewer worries over time.

Is horizontal fencing cheaper?

Horizontal wood fences tend to be much more expensive than vertical ones.

The boards need to be of a higher grade to prevent sagging and more structural posts are needed versus vertical fencing. 

Though they may sag over time, a horizontal fence has shown itself to be worth it due to its aesthetic appeal and improved property value.


Are Horizontal Wood Fences Becoming Trendy?

Fences with vertical boards bring a very traditional, classic look.  Horizontal board fences, however, have been gaining popularity because of their on-trend modern feel.

With designs now becoming more sleek thanks to modern technology it’s no surprise that they are also gaining popularity across the Las Vegas valley.

While these sleek new designs offer both strength and adaptability, many homeowners still prefer traditional styles for their homes’ aesthetics.

If you’re considering a horizontal wood fence, contact our office for an onsite consultation. 

We routinely assist homeowners in weighing the pros and cons of a classic aesthetic versus contemporary styling and would love to assist you with your next project.