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Commercial Dumpster Enclosures

Well maintained dumpsters are a must if you want to keep your property clean and enticing for your regular and potential clients. Dumpsters should be functional yet unnoticeable. This is possible with a clever and functional dumpster enclosure design from A1 Fence LV.

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dumpster enclosure design

A well-designed and constructed dumpster enclosure do more than just keeping your trash in, it also restrict access of raccoons and coyotes to your trash and making a mess.

There are many options when it comes to design a dumpster enclosure. Call us today to request a consultation and get a free on-site quote. (702) 504-0765

Dumpster Enclosure Designs

There are many options to choose from; however, the basic dumpster enclosure designs include;

  • Single Gate: Perfect for use in offices, one-store retail as well as quick-serve restaurants.
  • Double Gate: Commonly used at office parks, shopping centers, municipal buildings
  • Walk-In Gate: Great for mixed-use, condos, apartments, as well as places where ADA compliance is necessary
  • Multiple Gate: Ideal to use in hospitals, large shopping centers, trash, and recycling combos and industrial facilities

Galvanized Steel Trash Enclosure Fixed Louver Design

Featuring a construction of steel and stainless steel, they are a good option for air circulation while facilitating 80% to 100% direct visual screening. 

The fixed louvers make the enclosure ideal for trash enclosures and are made-up of electro-forge welded steel. They are not only the strongest but also esthetically pleasing.

dumpster enclosure design

Aluminum Fixed Louver Dumpster Enclosures

Aluminum dumpster enclosure designs offer modern architectural and safety applications. They also facilitate 100% to 80% direct visual screening with brilliant fresh air circulation. They are available in different designs; for example, you can have 100% visual screening in any direction with fixed louver.

The Aluminum fence system features a polyester powder coating finishing giving an extra touch of appeal. These feature fabrication from extruded aluminum, and you can use them vertically or horizontally.

Swing Dumpster Enclosure Gates

Available in different frames and designs such as a tube, fixed louver or welded wire panels, you can get them in steel aluminum or stainless steel.

Our dumpster swing enclosures feature an extremely effective coating system ensuring a longer life with a touch of style.  Moreover, we equip our steel swing gate frames, and infill with hot-dip galvanizing control and are coat them with thermo hardening powders protecting enclosures from the elements while increasing strength and reducing maintenance.

Dumpster Enclosure Design V-Wheel Roller Gates

Roller dumpster enclosures are perfect for large openings with dual wheel option. They are easier to use and available in aluminum and steel in many different design options and colors.

These feature an extremely effective protective coating system which gives them a long life and make them pleasing to look at with their elegant design.

Cantilever Roller Gates Dumpster Enclosure Design

These features extruded aluminum track with custom fabricated trucks. Moreover, the cantilever system with aluminum monorail systems or cantilever steel makes these work smoothly even on the largest gates.

You have the option of deciding from different colors, and our proficient engineers will gladly work with you to create the best and functional system to meet all your requirements.

Enjoy Your Clean Property with our Custom Designed Dumpster Enclosures

Call A1 Fence LV at (702) 54-0765 for custom made dumpster enclosures that are designed in accordance with city and county standards and meet all accessibility requirements, fire codes, and recycling requirements.

Our expertise in the design and fitting of dumpster enclosures provide professional-grade architectural trash enclosures with the beautiful smooth exterior finish. Having a fully framed panel design, these enclosures include horizontal aluminum or vinyl or composite groove infill panels and tongue.

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