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Wood Iron Gate: When Things Go Wrong

wood iron gate

In a perfect world every appointment is a world class event and every job goes smoothly. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world.

A1 Fence LV takes pride in providing superior service to all of their customers. That’s why on rare occasions when they fall short, their owner Eli takes it personally and making it right becomes his highest priority.

On a recent wood iron gate project they had such an event. Anything that could go wrong did go wrong and by their own admission, they let their client down.

Wood Iron Gate: Making It Right

When speaking with Eli, he noted that the odds of every job going perfect is slim to none.

Noting this wood iron gate job he said “After she had a bad experience with our initial estimate, she gave us the opportunity to make it right. We gave her an excellent deal on the gate and she’s very very happy. She was so pleased with the work that she wouldn’t accept a reduced fee because our guys did an amazing job.”

He told me that he’s been in fencing for well over 30 years so he knows that there are too many moving parts for things to go smoothly every time. However, he does hope that his clients do as this one did and give him the opportunity to make it right so he can deliver the satisfaction they deserve.

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