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Barrier Gates

If you need to secure the entrance of your business site or industrial area, A1 Fence LV can install the right barrier gate for your project.

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Barrier gates work as the first line of security when it comes to controlling traffic flow for any commercial or industrial facility.

Call us at 702-504-0765 for an on-site consultation to discuss your specific project needs.  We will assess your security requirements, your project location and provide you with a customized quote.

We provide barrier gate installations for all commercial and industrial applications in Las Vegas, Henderson, Pahrump and the entire Las Vegas Valley.

The Right Barrier gates for Your Property

The most commonly used barrier gates for commercial and industrial use are sliding or swing gates.

We install both automatic and manual gates based on your site setting and preferences.

The following quick guide will help you understand some of the pros and cons of each gate type.

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Sliding Barrier Gate Installations

If you wish to restrict access to wider road width, then our Sliding Barrier Gate is an ideal security solution. You can have your sliding barrier gate installed both in manual and automatic options.

Our automatic Sliding Gates are designed to resist high flows of traffic and wavering environmental conditions. You can select from a variety of infills, sizes, and finishes to suit the individual site uses.

Pros of Sliding Gates

  • Add an extra layer of security to limit unauthorized access.
  • Automatic sliding gates reduce labor work and can be customized with high-tech security systems to improve safety measures.
  • They also help avoid illegitimate dumping
  • You can restrict scrap hunters from driving onto your property
  • Sliding barrier gates restrict late-night loitering in parking lots
  • They also help to avoid break-ins and vandalism
  • You can also restrict or control access to particular areas in your property

It is an effective yet simple method to control and even restrict vehicle entry for safety purposes. However, you have to be careful about tracks. A dirty track will not work accurately and can also derail.

Swing Gates

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Just like barrier sliding gates, barrier swing gates also guard against unwanted traffic. They are usually used in parking lots and guard the property entrances and exits from unapproved entry.

Heavy-duty keyed, or combination padlocks are common locking system while anti-tamper guards and high-security key systems are also available for higher security situations.

Pros of Sliding Gates

  • They are quite easy to install as compared to sliding gates requiring rollers and track.
  • Swing barrier gates also necessitate a lower level of maintenance as compared to automated sliding gates. It is because these require tracks that are free of foreign debris, including sand, leaves, or stones to work properly.
  • A swing barrier gate will cost you a lot less when it comes to a driveway Barrier Swing Gate vs. automated installations.

We equip our swing barrier gates with height restrictor arrangements, enabling the gates to limit access to over-height and unsanctioned automobiles from accessing the entrance point.

Our Driveway Gates offer an ideal fit for private residential areas and commercial towns, office or supermarket car parks, train stations, airports, and local amenity locations.

Equip Your Property With High-Quality Security Barrier Gates

Our barriers gates feature heavy-duty and superior quality constriction and are suitable from isolated car parking areas to securing larger multi-use sites.

Thanks to our commitment to the highest safety standards and decades-long expertise in the industry, we install not only security gates but also custom design and service every system we make. Every barrier gate we install features custom fabrication to fit all your requirements.

The professionals at A1 Fence LV are your local experts for all your commercial fence and gate needs. Contact us today to schedule your on-site consultation and get a free quote for your project. We install affordable, durable barrier gates in Las Vegas, Boulder City, Pahrump, Henderson, Summerlin and  the Las Vegas Valley areas.

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