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Industrial & Commercial Security Fence

When you need to protect your facility’s perimeter, our commercial security fence solutions provide the peace of mind you need.

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Protect your facility with anti-climb fencing and a variety of products to control access, prevent vandalism and theft.  A1 Fence LV provides a full array of perimeter security systems that are both functional and visually appealing. 

Our experienced installers partner with you from concept to completion to guarantee that your commercial security fence install is minimizes disruptions to your daily operations.

Commercial Security Fence Materials

From heavy gage chain link, topped with razor wire to wrought iron anti-climb installations there are no longer limitations on your commercial security fence configuration. We have the right solution for your perimeter security needs.

Contact our security specialists at (702) 504-0765 to discuss your project’s specific needs. 

Whether you are replacing an existing system or need an initial installation we will walk you through a full site assessment.  We will provide you with options that meet your security threat level.

Commercial Security Fence FAQs

As opposed to the standard, wood, vinyl or chain link fences you see in most residential neighborhoods, a commercial security fence is used mostly in a commercial, industrial or government setting.  Typically, these facilities have enhanced loss prevention needs owing to the potential for property theft, vandalism, industrial espionage.  Security fencing can also be part of a facilities safety countermeasures to protect the public and its employees.  Security fences often layer a variety of preventive features to increase their effectiveness.  These features can include alarm systems, camera surveillance systems, anti-climb materials and razor or barbed wire toppers.

On flat terrain, an eight-foot fence is a good minimum standard height.  However a number of local factors may affect the recommended height your particular commercial security fence installation.  While height is a sound starting point, height alone may not be a sufficient deterrent at your location.  Additional factors to consider include proximity of adjacent building, nearby landscaping features and incorporation of any natural barriers.

Anti climb commercial security fences are designed specifically to keep unauthorized personnel from using climbing as a means of entry.   Typical anti-climb fencing is constructed of a close-weave mesh that makes it physically difficult to climb. 


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