Enterprise Sliding Driveway Gate

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With the various property configurations found in the Las Vegas area, we are often contacted by property owners who need a driveway gate are very limited on space.

We recently installed this sliding driveway gate for a customer off of South Rainbow Blvd and Blue Diamond Road in Enterprise.  This 20 foot sliding driveway gate is 6 ft tall with a 2 inch by 4 inch rectangular frame.  

This is definitely not a do it yourself project as the gate itself weighs over a thousand pounds.


Why Install a Sliding Driveway gate?

Your driveway gate is the first thing guests see when they arrive at your home. You want it to be welcoming, not intimidating.

With a remote-controlled opener you can open the gates with ease and the added security of being able to control who comes onto your property .

A sliding driveway gate is often preferable to a swinging type because it cannot be forced open as easily.

They also work on steep driveways where swing gates do not, providing better protection for your home and preventing any unwanted intruders from entering your property.


sliding driveway gate ideas

While not as common as swing gates, there are quite a few different ideas you can get into when choosing a sliding driveway gate for your property.

V-Track Slide Gates

These are the most common type of automated sliding gate. These gates get their name from their small “v” shape raised track the gate rides on as it opens and closes.

These gates take up more space than other styles because they need enough room to be both open or closed as well as for an electric motor with an automation system.

V-Track sliding driveway gates can open up in either direction and take just 3 feet more room than traditional sliding gates.

Rolling Driveway Gates

Rolling gates are a great alternative to rolling track or sliding driveway gates because they don’t rely on tracks. This means that you can install them in areas where the ground is too uneven for standard gate tracks, such as rocky dirt hillsides and hilly lawns.

Cantilever Sliding Gates

This type of gate is a good idea when the ground conditions make a tracked or rolling system impractical.

The reason these gates are so popular is that they don’t have wheels on the ground, which makes them better for more uneven terrain.

The wheels are on a vertical post with the gate in between them when they move to guide it open or closed.

There is one downside though – cantilevers need more space than any other sliding driveway gate design because of their large size and how far back they extend from your home’s property line.

sliding driveway gate cost

The average cost of a single sliding driveway gate starts at about $500 for manual models and up to $1,200 depending on materials and complexity.

Adding a motor for automatic opening moves the pricing range a little higher from $1050 up to $3350 range.

Double sliders are going to be more expensive still with prices starting out just under or exceeding double those of single sliding driveway gates.  Putting them somewhere from roughly $3 – $5,000, not including installation costs.

For an accurate estimate of the cost for your project, contact our specialists at (702) 504-0765 for a free on site consultation.

Our specialists will survey your location, go over options, listen to your preferences and provide you with a quote you can rely on.