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Trust A1 Fence LV with your next vinyl fence installation.  Vinyl fencing is the number one alternative to wood for total privacy and good looks.  Call our installation specialists to transform your home’s exterior into a neighborhood showplace.
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Planning Your Vinyl Fence Installation

The major appeal of vinyl fencing is the variety of designs that are available. If privacy is your primary concern, a vinyl fence with tall solid panels is the perfect solution.

Picket fence style vinyl fences provide a traditional look with much less maintenance than the original wood versions. Along those same lines, many common accents found on vinyl fences such as lattice top panels or scalloped tops mimmic the look of wood.

Depending on your specific application, our specialists will more than likely recommend fencing at the traditional four or six foot height. Other heights are available so you’re really only bounded by practicality and any local regulations.

Vinyl Fencing Maintenance & Repair

Another attractive feature if vinyl fencing us its ease of maintenance. Vinyl fences are most commonly made of non-porous PVC. Rather than waiting or staining, routine maintenance consists of spraying it off with a garden hose.

While not a regular issue with homes here in the southwest, vinyl fencing is susceptible to mold or algae if it stays in a moist environment. In other areas of the country the usual culprit is a damp area from overwatering. Even in those edge cases, cleaning consists of scrubbing with solution of warm soapy water.

One consideration our installers will discuss with you is the expected wear and tear on the fence. Homes with active school aged children are much harder on fences that homes with older adults.

This becomes a factor depending on the type of vinyl fence you’re interested in. Most full privacy fences are shipped in complete panels. Unlike wood, damage to a panel may result in replacing the entire panel.

This becomes a bigger concern with special order projects such as different colors or textured panels.

Vinyl Fencing FAQs

Under most conditions, quality vinyl fencing will last between twenty and thirty years. 

Vinyl fencing that is properly installed be able to endure normal windy conditions.  This is one of the primary reasons to take care when hiring a professional to install your fence.  Licensed fencing contractors are trained to install your fence so it's structurally sound and properly supported.  A correctly installed vinyl fence should withstand winds up to 100 mph.

Yes, there are paints that are made for PVC and vinyl, however we don't recommend it. Vinyl fencing is available in a variety of colors and textures and are engineered to maintain their looks through the product's lifespan.

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