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Wood Fence INstallation

If you’re considering a new wood fence installation in Las Vegas, or you want to upgrade an older fence or if your current fence or gate just needs a little repair, call A1 Fence LV. Our skilled team specializes in helping homeowners find the ideal fencing solution for their property.

To enhance the beauty and functionality of your property, fill out our online quote request form or call us at (702) 504-0754 to schedule an in-home consultation to see how we can help bring your vision to life!

wood fence
wood fence

Wooden Fence INstallation Styles & Options

Wood is a very versatile fencing material and is popular with quite a few homeowners for a variety of reasons.

Wood offers a classic look that enhances the overall presentation of your property. It’s also more customizable than other fencing materials, with a wide range of styles, colors, and finishes to choose from.

We carry a large variety of wood fence panels to match your specific style and security needs. 

The neighborhoods in Las Vegas and Reno are as varied as our different desert landscapes.

With so many different styles, wood provides quite a bit of flexibility in color, style and construction to match any neighborhood.

You’ll be happy and your neighbors will appreciate the enhanced beauty.

Traditionally, popular wood fencing options include pine, cedar, or cypress. With the harsh desert conditions, many Nevada residents gravitate towards redwood or pressure-treated lumber to stand up to the weather.

Horizontal wood fences are very popular across the Las Vegas valley. Instead of the classic look, horizontal fences offer a modern, streamlined look that matches many newer construction homes.

The iron and wood hybrid fence is another great option, offering a unique blend of materials that is eye-catching and stylish as well as durable.

For those who want a bit more privacy, a shadow box fence is a great option. Viewed straight on, a shadow box fence blocks noise and visibility. But when seen from an angle, it allows light and air to pass through.

At A1 Fence LV, we provide quite a few wood fence options that are beautiful, functional, and reliable.
Give us a call at (702) 504-0765. We’d love to discuss your wood fence options to see if there is a particular wood fence that’s right for your property.