Different Types of Automatic Gate Openers – Which is Suitable for Your Property?


In Las Vegas, fencing is one of those factors with a large impact of your property’s curb appeal and security. But there are a few things to consider when it comes to your fencing material and gate system. This includes functionality, ease of use, maintenance, automatic gate openers for access control and much more.

This is why many Las Vegas property owners prefer automatic gates with access control systems for their residential/commercial properties.

In this article we’ll list different automatic gate openers to get you acquainted with what’s available on the market and what will work best for your automatic gate.

How Does an Automatic Gate Opener Work?

There are two main types of automatic gate openers, hydraulic or electromechanical. Hydraulic gates rely on the use of hydraulic fluids to power the gate opener, whereas electromechanical gates draw power from the property’s main electricity supply.

To ensure the gate system remains operational even during a blackout, many property owners also install solar-powered systems.


Types of Automatic Gate Openers

Your choice of automatic gate operator will vary by the type of gate, the size, weight, landscape, budget, and more. Experts at A1Fence can help determine which gate opener is ideal for your property. Mentioned below are the three most common automatic gate openers.

Articulated Gate Opener

If functionality is your primary concern, and appearance is not much of a consideration for your property’s fencing, the articulated gate opener is an excellent option.  The system consists of an articulated hinged arm extending from the motor, which is attached to a post or pillar next to the gate. The hinged arm is attached to the gate and acts as the pincer.

The articulated gate opener is only suitable for swing gates and does require a substantial amount of space for the motor; thus, it is only suitable for gates with wide pillars and posts.

Underground Gate Opener

The underground or in-ground gate opener is ideal for those looking for near-invisible fixtures. It features an underground actuator arm, controlled by a separate control box. For the system to work, the drive shaft of the actuator arm has to be in line with the hinges allowing the arm to swing open the gate; thus, the system is ideal only for swing gates.

Sliding Gate Opener

If the driveway behind the gates is set on a steep path, sliding gates are a better option. Sliding gates rest on a set of wheels running on a metal track and are ideal for both residential and commercial properties.

You can opt for a commercial sliding gate opener, featuring a heavy-duty mechanism for heavy commercial gates or a simple residential gate operator for lighter sliding gates.

Your choice of automatic gate opener will depend on the setting, gate type, weight of the gate, gate type, desired functionality, and more.

Contact A1Fence LV today for a detailed consultation on which automatic gate opener will be ideal for your property. Our goal is to provide the best possible fencing solution for our clients. Thus, we also provide access control systems to enhance the safety, security and functionality of the gate system.