Warehouse partitions: BF Goodrich Distribution Center, North Las Vegas

north las vegas warehouse partition
north las vegas warehouse partition

North Las Vegas Warehouse Partition

Warehouse safety is always a concern and the BF Goodrich distribution center in North Las Vegas is no different.

We were called in to install a hundred feet of 8 ft tall chain link fence to partition the warehouse. This was put in to secure the safety of the work personnel coming through the back door coming into the shop.

About BF Goodrich

BF Goodrich is a well-known and well-respected tire manufacturer that specializes in a wide range of products for automobiles. A global corporation, their operations extend far outside of North Las Vegas, Nevada.

The BF Goodrich name is synonymous with dependability and quality and they have been the tire maker that many turn to when shopping for a new set of wheels or rims.

Their specialty is in off-road tires, so the selection of selection includes models from each of the four seasons as well as mud and sand resistant options. As with most companies, the selection does not stop with the four-season offerings but also includes a full range of tire designs for off-road use including mud flaps, rock crawlers and aipers.

Each of these designs has its own set of pros and cons and you should carefully think about what you would like before making a purchase. In addition to having the knowledge to understand the differences in the designs, you will also need to have the tools necessary to accurately measure the size of the tires that you will require in order to fit your vehicle correctly.

Many consumers are unaware of the fact that the diameter of the tires that they need will determine the size that they will be able to fit into the vehicle. This is because Goodrich tires will generally be a little larger than the ones that other manufacturers will be selling.

However, there is more to the band than just being a good fit. The brand is also renowned for having excellent customer service and a great return policy that is second to none in the United States.

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