Security Barbed Wire Fence Project: Nellis Air Force Base


At A1 Fence LV, we take pride in all of our projects from large installations to small repairs. This security barbed wire fence installation around one of the Logistics buildings at Nellis Air Force Base is just such an example.

This job covered 600 feet with a seven (7) foot height and three (3) strands of barbed wire across an asphalt-covered area. The project also required our crew to install a 24-foot double drive access gate.


Military Inspection: Security Barbed Wire Fence

At the close out of any of our projects, the look from a satisfied customer is one of the best parts of the working fencing in Nevada.

On industrial fence projects such as this one, it is especially satisfying as the closeout follows an inspection and sign off by an inspector from the installation.

Even though this project took place on an Air Force base, our security barbed wire fence installation was signed off on by an inspector from the Army Corps of Engineers.

Our crew did an amazing job so the closeout was seamless. Everything was done to according to the initial plan and to our customer’s satisfaction.

Security Chain Link Fence Facts


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A chain-link fence is typically constructed of galvanized or LLDPE-treated steel wire woven into a variety of shapes. The wires are arranged in a standard pattern but are twisted together in such a way as to allow them to be connected in close proximity without interfering with one another. In this manner, the wires will overlap by several feet when they are laid out completely.

Barbed wire, which is the most commonly used wire for these fences, is twisted onto the overlap, and then formed into either a “round” shape or a “square” shape. The ends of the barbs are then neatly trimmed away to finalize the security barbed wire fence.

The basic function of this type of fence is to prevent unauthorized access to a private property. Depending on the location this can include people, vehicles, and even cattle or other animals.

The use of chain-link fencing is widespread throughout the United States. In addition to security, it can also provide a measure of privacy for those who want to enjoy their outdoor space without being observed by others.

There are many advantages to using chain-link fencing around your home. The fence can be used as a decorative element, especially when it is colored to coordinate with other landscaping features in your yard.

One of the most practical uses for chain-link fencing is around a pool. You can simply make use of chain-link fencing to separate your pool area from the rest of your yard by building a fence that runs along the length of the pool, dividing the water from your yard.

For added protection, you might also choose to add a gate, since chain-link fencing is very durable and sturdy. The fence will be just as strong as any other fence, so it will provide the same level of security.

If you have a facility that you are interested in protecting with a security barbed wire fence or a standard chain-link fence, call our office to set up a complimentary on-site estimate.

Our estimators work thooughout the Las Vegas valley and the Capital region and we look forward to helping with your project.

Use the estimate request form on this page or call (702) 504-0765.

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