A Mount Charleston Iron Fence Installation

iron fence installation

We received a call from a family who needed an iron fence installation company near Mount Charleston.

It seems life on the mountain can be a dream, but that dream had lost some of its luster for one of our most recent customers.

It seems, between dealing with the pandemic and problems with their old wooden fence, it’s difficult to fully enjoy their scenic property.  Part of the reason was the family doggo.  Full of energy, the family pet loved the outdoors and enjoyed exploring, jumping and crawling. 

After years of fighting the good fight, the old fence could no longer stand up to the strength of the dog.  In addition to concerns about securing their property, the family constantly worried about the family dog getting out and all that entailed. 

While talking to the family, they brought up some of their accessibility concerns.  As a senior couple, part of their property had become a bit dangerous due to being on Mount Charleston and having a bit of a slope on some parts of their property.


iron fence installation

Picking the Right Iron Fence Installation

After consulting with our experts, we agreed upon a new iron fence installation that would address all of their needs.

The project consisted of surrounding their property with 173 feet of 5 foot tall iron fence with two swing gates and a custom handrail installation on the left side of the home to make a secure and safe way for the senior couple.
All of the posts were securely set in concrete and powder coated black with ¾ crushed pickets.

When the iron fence installation was complete, we did our usual clean up and removed and disposed of the previous wooden fence.

The couple was ecstatic to have the fence completed as they are now able to get back to enjoying their time in the mountains. The husband was especially impressed with height and sturdiness of the custom handrail and how he it enabled him to support him when moving around the incline of the property.


We love all types of fence installations, however, the installations like these that solve long running problems for homeowners or businesses are most rewarding.

How are Iron Fences Installed?

Iron fences are installed in panels.  These panels can be as ornate or as plane as the customer needs.  installations that are primarily for security tend to be the standard black panels designs.  However, homeowners looking for a little extra curb appeal may opt for a variety of different color choices and adornments.

Once the posts have been set, and the panels are onsite, one by one, the panels are lined up and installed. Each panel must be aligned with the posts’ brackets. They are then screwed together, beginning with the top bracket and ending with the bottom bracket.

Post brackets are lined up according to the projects specifications for height and either secured to the pavement or anchored into the ground with concrete.

Finally, gates are installed depending on the property owner’s needs.  A wide variety of gates provides the fence owner with maximum flexibility.  

Both walk-in gates and drive gates come with many options that often times are dictated by the location.  For example, in the case of a drive gate, logistics surrounding the gate location may dictate the use of a swing gate over a slide gate.


A1 Fence LV offers custom designs and professional installation of wrought iron fencing. Take a look at our gallery to see what we’ve built for previous clients. Give us a call at (702) 504-0765 to get started on your own ornamental iron fence installation.

We’ll help you consider all of your options and select the best solution for your specific needs. We’ll never sell you more fence than you need or under deliver on the service you deserve. Give Eli and the team a call today.