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rollingåç gate installation north las vegas

Rolling Gate Installation in North Las Vegas

This gate is part of a project we’re working on out at Nevada Pick-A-Part in North Las Vegas. For this project the folks at Simplified Construction reached out to us to partner with them for the fencing portion of this project. 

rolling gate installation north las vegas

The gate pictured in these photos is one of three gates we’re replacing for this project.  Final dimensions for each gate will be approximately 8 ft tall by 30 ft wide. 

Once we’re finished with the entire project, we’ll install privacy screening on the entire fence and gates.   

For additional strength we don’t have pipe track in the back and we don’t have posts set in the back.  

We did everything with safety post rubber rollers at the top with V groove wheels and ground track at the bottom. 

We joked that this application is going to prevent any kind of job security because what we’re building is going to last our customers.

rolling gate installation north las vegas

Advantage of Rolling Gate Installations

For gate applications where swing gates are not practicable, a rolling gate is the most efficient option. It does, however, require a level grade in order for the carrier wheels to run smoothly along the opening.

Rolling gates are commonly used on chain link fences to reduce the amount of area the gate takes up. Using a track and wheel system, these gates slide back and forth parallel to the fence line.

In rolling gate installation, the gate frames are welded. Depending on their size, they may also need to be braced and trussed.

In order to accommodate spacing for the wheels in the back that are bolted to the gate frame, the finished size of the actual gate must be wider than the fence opening it is securing.

One of the advantages of a rolling gate installation is space savings.  Rolling gates take up much less space than swinging gates. They are also less expensive when compare to V-track and cantilever gates.

The design used in rolling gate installation is basic and features various fittings that bolt together or can be welded for additional strength.  

Also, rolling gates are sometime  preferable for their ability to be used in tight fittings since there is no need for counterweight on the gate frame.

With a rolling gate, the actual height of the gate panel is shorter than the fence to accommodate the wheel carrier, which is installed beneath the gate.

Rolling Gate Installation Disadvantages

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For our Pick-A-Part project, the rolling gate installation was the ideal choice. However, depending on your specific needs, a rolling gate may not be the best choice.

One of the first questions to consider is your below gate clearance needs.

The under-the-gate wheel carriers prevent the gate from being put too near to the ground. Even though few animals can fit through a 3-6″ gap, it can be inconvenient.

In addition, your drive surface the wheels will travel over makes a huge difference. 

The folks at Nevada Pick-A-Part have a hard packed earth drive path which the gate wheels will travel over easily.  If you have a loose gravel or sand driveway, wheel movement will probably be obstructed.  Ideally, asphalt or concrete driveways work best for wheel carriers.

If the other gate options are out of the question, you may consider building a concrete pathway for the rolling gate wheels to travel on.

Something else to consider is the combination of fence weight and surface material. 

In the desert heat, the wheels from a heavy gate may wear through asphalt driveways and create a rut. 

Finally, if you need an automatic gate, rolling gates are not a good fit as the friction of the wheels will ultimately destroy your gate operator.

Rolling Gate Installation Consultations

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the gate solution that’s right for your application.  If you’re in  the planning stages of installing fencing for your property or you’re thinking about replacing your current system, call A1 Fence LV at (702) 504-0765. 

Our experts will survey your site location and present you with the best options for your project.  Whether that’s a rolling gate installation or some other system, we look forward to partnering with you.  Give us a call today.