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Ornamental Iron Fence Las Vegas

All fences are not created equal.  Get the right ornamental iron fence for your property.  Show off your home’s curb appeal and provide the protection your family needs.  Call us to explore all of your iron fence Las Vegas options.  We will discuss the benefits of a low maintenance ornamental iron fence installation and help you make the right choice for your specific property and location.

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Why are Ornamental Iron Fences so Popular?

Of all the available fencing materials, iron fencing is a customer favorite.

Perhaps the most compelling thing driving this preference is variety.  Because of the way it is created, ornamental iron is both durable and can be translated into a wide variety of styles.

That durability means that, it’s far better than wood and vinyl at enduring our harsh desert weather conditions.

This is why, in addition to fences, it’s often used for other outdoor features such as stand-alone gates, railings, and even patio furniture.

Ornamental iron fences in Las Vegas, Nevada

Ornamental Iron Fence Las Vegas Artistry

For high end and mid-market projects, home designers find that they can easily add vintage accents with different ornamental accents and embellishments.

This same flexibility extends to homeowners and local businesses who want to avoid a cookie cutter appearance.

Including features like pickets, shaped bars, rosettes, and elaborate scrolls can add a look of refinement to any project as noted in this note from the American Fence Association.

The attractiveness of ornamental fencing is one of its biggest draws, and property owners have a range of style options from which to choose. “Customers can easily personalize their ornamental fences by adding rails, rings, scrolls and finials. They may also choose arching or swooping pickets. Twisted pickets are also available to customize ornamental fences,” Frankel said.

Rings and scrolls are installed between pickets, while finials dress up post caps and the tops of pickets. Swoops and arches refer to the placement of the pickets.

American Fence Association

Typical Ornamental Iron Fence Installations

Ornamental iron fences services in Las Vegas
Ornamental iron fences installation in Las vegas
ornamental iron fence ornamental iron installation

Ornamental Iron Fencing Specialists

A1 Fence LV has been performing ornamental iron fence installation for more than three decades.  In that time we’ve installed iron fencing in communities across southern Nevada. 

Put that experience to work on your next project.  Whether you’re looking for an understated appearance or one that reflects a more elegant style, our craftsmen can fabricate a product that is sure to meet your needs.

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Fabricating Ornamental Iron Fences

All ornamental iron fence installations require some amount of fabrication. 

A recent project we performed for NV Energy required us to enclose an area at one of their Eastern Avenue substations.  While the project was pretty basic, we still needed to do minor fabrication adjustments due to a few onsite features.

By contrast, our work with Zak Baggans’ Haunted Museum, involved more intricate welding and fabrication, including creating a piece to match his current marketing.

Whether the scope of your project is large or small, our number one goal is to fulfill your vision for the project.

ornamental iron fence

We begin with a drawing of what the customer is thinking and work from there.

As we assess the project, take into account the specific welding challenges.  Because of our long experience with iron fabrication, we can often provide solutions that exceed the customers original concept while staying within their budget for the project.

Once we’ve agreed on the shape, size and accessories, it’s time to begin. 

Ideally, all fabrication is done in our shop, but we do perform mobile fabrication when the need arises.

This flexibility allows us to keep our prices reasonable and take on projects that other companies decline.

Call A1 Fence LV for your next ornamental iron project and experience the difference experience makes.

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