The Best Fence Screening Options for Local Business | How to Choose Fence Privacy Screening

fence privacy screen

In the Las Vegas Valley, if your business or office has an outdoor space, you may have wondered if installing fence privacy screening is an option worth considering.

It’s clearly a great way to protect your employees’ privacy. However, because of the different specializations available, picking a privacy screen is easier said than done.

When we work with new customer, we take care to walk them through the many things they’ll need to consider before moving forward with a privacy screen installation or your business.

If you’re considering fence privacy screening for your property, this guide will help you understand the options you need to think about.

fence privacy screen
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There are many things you should consider with fence privacy screening such as the material, design, size etc.

But before those decisions come into play, you need to determine whether your application calls for a heavy-duty privacy screen or a lighter more decorative fence privacy screen.

Understanding the role you need your fence to play will help you decide which fence screening to buy.

Installing a privacy screening in your backyard is very different from what’s required for a commercial, industrial or construction site.

Does Your Business Need A Fence Privacy Screen?

There are many benefits to having a privacy screen. If your business has a big outdoor area, getting a fence can help reduce pollution and increase security.

Sectioning parts of your office with a screening fence can make the space look better while also protecting your office from harsh weather and storms. Privacy screens in businesses are usually used in outdoor spaces.

If your business has a warehouse or an outdoor parking lot, a fence can keep intruders away and protect the privacy of your business. Additionally, if your outdoor area looks a bit messy and unorganized, simply adding a fence privacy screen can make your overall business look more put together.

A decorative fence screen can even improve how your office looks by improving its overall aesthetics.

Types Of Privacy Screen Fences For Businesses

People often think of fences and privacy screens interchangeably. Though they serve similar purposes, fences and privacy screens are very different applications.

Fences are almost like walls. They completely block one area from another area. However, privacy screens are mesh material put on top of metal wire fences. 

There are many designs of privacy screens on the market. However, before you start looking for the best privacy screen, you need to understand the two main types of privacy screens. 

For this recent fence screening project at a Henderson Nevada Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse, we used high quality Tenn-Air™ fence screening.

  • Open Privacy Screens
    Open fence privacy screens allow some air to pass through. A good example of an air privacy screen is the Tenn-Air™ Open. These privacy screens offer lots of privacy and shade. However, the mesh is light enough to let air pass between the fences. These fences are great for warmer regions and places where airflow is important.A typical open privacy screen will have 70 to 80 percent visibility. A standard open privacy screen uses polyester mesh. The meshed fabric is hung on a metal wire fence to maintain its structure. An open privacy fence is ideal if you want some privacy without being completely blocked from the outside world.  
fence privacy screen
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  • Closed Privacy Screens
    Closed privacy screens such as the Tenn-Air™ Closed provide 100 percent privacy. By concept, these privacy screens are not too different from the open privacy screen. Closed privacy screens consist of a polyester mesh placed on top of a metal wire fence. The only difference is that open privacy screens allow some airflow and visibility while closed privacy screens don’t.

    Closed privacy screens use a much thicker polyester than open privacy screens. For instance, the Tenn-Air Open uses a 9oz polyester mesh while the Tenn-Air Closed uses a 10oz polyester mesh. Since there is little to no airflow in closed privacy screens, they are better suited to cold regions. Closed privacy screens are also good if you work in a lab with a lot of chemicals that should not flow out of the premises. 

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How To Pick the Perfect Fence Privacy Screening For Your Business?

Usually, tennis or other indoor sports courts use privacy screens. However, they can also be used to add privacy or appease the design of your office building. The first thing you need to decide is why you want to get a privacy screen. Is it for the privacy of your business or aesthetics?

Knowing why you are getting a privacy screen will help you decide what type of fence you want For instance do you want a decorative fence screen or a heavy-duty privacy screen fence? What fence screening material do you want to use? Here are some things you can consider to easily pick a privacy screen. 

  • Open or Closed?
    If you live in an area where it is hot for most of the year, it is better to opt for an open privacy screen. Closed privacy screens don’t allow any airflow. A fully closed privacy screen in hot climates can make being on office premises intolerable and suffocating.

    If your business has a warehouse or lab and needs complete privacy then go for closed privacy screens. Closed privacy screens give you complete privacy and prevent unwanted chemicals from traveling outside. 

  • Designed or Plain?
    Many businesses have their logos printed on their privacy screens. Brand logos can add to the aesthetics of your office premises and make your business look more professional. Having your business’s logo on your fence privacy screen also lets people on the outside know about your business and office location.

    If you do not want people to know where your business’s building is, you can opt for a plain privacy screen instead. A plain fence privacy screen is one solid color and does not have additional designs. Solid colored privacy screens are also good if you are a new business and do not have an official logo. 


Now that you are familiar with the basics of privacy screens, when it’s time to consider which fence privacy screen is best for your business, call us A1 Fence LV at (702) 504-0765.

Our expert technicians will walk you through the factors above to help you pick the pick the right screening for your business. 

As with all of our projects, your specific needs are our priority and we will never try to sell you more than you need.