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Backyard Swimming Pool Safety

Pool Safety

Backyard swimming pools are great for you and your family to relax when the weather is hot during the summer. However, without the right pool safety measures, backyard swimming pools can turn out to be a hazard for your family, friends or neighbors.

According to American Red Cross, more than 200 children drown every year in backyard pools. To avoid such unfortunate cases, homeowners should establish basic pool safety guidelines. Here are some safety tips for backyard swimming pools to help get you started and to keep you and your family safe.

Make Sure Kids are Always Supervised

It Doesn’t Take a Minute

One of the most painful facts about drowning, is how fast it can happen. It literally takes less than a minute to drown in a
swimming pool. Somebody can drown within the first 10 seconds. It is crucial that you keep your children within arm’s reach all the time. You can act as their lifeguard in case an unfortunate event happens inside the pool.

The last thing you want to do is to let your little ones swim unsupervised. In this age of electronic distractions, the few seconds you spend answering the phone or checking your social media could have terrible consequences. If you must answer the phone, make sure another adult watches over the kids while your attention is elsewhere.

Other backyard duties such as tending to the all important barbecue grill can be delegated to family members as you supervise you kids in the pool. This is an important pool safety tip that should be followed by every homeowner with a backyard swimming pool.

Pool Safety Basics: Inflatables

Pool Safety

Inflatables can increase the fun your young ones have while swimming in the backyard swimming pools.

However, when they are too many in the swimming pools, it can be difficult to see the people in the swimming pool. When you limit the number of inflatables that are in the swimming pool at any given time you greatly increase visibility in case of an emergency.  When inflatables are not in use they should be removed from the swimming pool.

Also, when inflatables are being used, make sure they are being used properly as they can easily overturn. Make sure everyone in your family knows how to use them regardless of whether they are using inflatables or not.

Secure Your Swimming Area with a Pool Fence

Pool Safety

One of the most important pool safety tips we can offer is to surround your swimming pool with a high fence barrier. Most local ordinances require home pools to have a fence, so installing and maintaining a pool fence is almost a non-decision.

Before you install a pool fence it is important you check local building laws for material and height restrictions. Typically, building laws recommend that the pool fence be 4 feet high.Materials you can use to construct a fence for your backyard swimming pool include wrought iron, chain link and glass.

Pool fences not only keep your family safe, they protect you from the liability of others using your pool without your knowledge and possibly hurting themselves. When the fence is installed with a self closing gate, you can be able to monitor the people who are accessing your pool at all times. You can also have a pool alarm installed in case an intruder enters your swimming pool.

Establish Pool Safety Rules

To ensure that everyone knows what is expected of them when they are in or around your backyard swimming pool, establish lear and easy to understand pool safety rules.

Examples of safety rules you can adapt for your backyard swimming pool include “swim with a friend” “safe diving please” “dry yourself before going indoors.” Make sure these rules are well communicated to your loved ones and make sure the rules are in a place where they can be seen by everyone.

This pool safety tip not only applies to beginners or children but also to seasoned swimmers as well.

Swimming pool emergencies such as muscle cramping or heart attack can happen to anyone regardless of their expertise in the waters. Therefore, it is always important you have someone to swim along with. In the case of an emergency, their presence may just save your life.

Keep You Pool Clean and Clear

Pool Safety

The final safety tip is to ensure your backyard swimming pool is clean and clear. That is, make sure the right levels of chemicals are maintained and filtration/ circulation are done at the right time intervals. You can also test the chemical levels to reduce the risk of rashes, earaches or other serious disease.

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