Safeguarding Serenity: A1 Fence and Gate Repair’s Iron Fortress for Senior Living Homes in Las Vegas

At A1 Fence and Gate Repair, we take immense pride in being the premier fencing experts in Las Vegas, dedicated to creating secure havens for our community. In this blog post, we’re thrilled to unveil a recent project that exemplifies our commitment to safety and craftsmanship—a 7-foot tall black powder-coated iron fence surrounding a senior living home.

The Perfect Defense: Iron Fortress with Curved Crushed Pickets

Scope of Work:
– 7-foot tall iron fence
– Three self-closing gates with locks
– Four single swing gates meeting ADA requirements
– Panic hardware with key entry and free exit
– Curved crushed pickets for enhanced safety
– Powder coating for weather resistance
– Total of 380 linear feet of fencing

Enhanced Security Features:

1. Height Matters: Standing tall at 7 feet, our iron fence acts as a formidable barrier, deterring unauthorized access and ensuring the safety and privacy of the senior living home’s residents.

2. Self-Closing Gates with Panic Hardware:Three strategically placed gates come equipped with panic hardware featuring key entry and free exit. These gates meet ADA requirements, ensuring accessibility while maintaining security.

3. Curved Crushed Pickets: The unique curved design of our crushed pickets serves a dual purpose—providing an extra layer of safety and adding an aesthetic touch to the surroundings. This innovative feature sets our iron fence apart, making it an ideal choice for senior living communities.

4. Weather-Resistant Powder Coating: Las Vegas weather can be harsh, but our powder-coated iron fence is up to the challenge. The durable powder coat not only withstands the scorching sun but also protects against corrosion, ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance.

Educational Insights for Las Vegas Communities

Why Iron Fencing?

Iron fencing is a timeless choice for enhancing security and aesthetics. Its robust nature and customizable designs make it suitable for various settings, from residential homes to senior living communities.

Curved Crushed Pickets: A Design Innovation

Our use of curved crushed pickets is not just about aesthetics; it’s a strategic choice for added safety. The unique design not only contributes to the visual appeal but also reinforces the strength and security of the fence.

ADA-Compliant Single Swing Gates with Panic Hardware

Ensuring accessibility for all, our project includes four single swing gates that meet ADA requirements. These gates are equipped with panic hardware featuring key entry and free exit, providing a secure yet easily accessible entry point.

Weather-Ready with Powder Coating

Las Vegas, with its diverse weather conditions, requires fencing solutions that can endure. Our powder-coated iron fence is a testament to our commitment to providing durable and weather-resistant solutions.

Catering to the Las Vegas Community

Our project in the Henderson area exemplifies our dedication to serving communities across Las Vegas, including Summerlin and North Las Vegas. A1 Fence and Gate Repair stands out as the go-to partner for securing senior living homes, apartment complexes, and more.

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