The Fundamentals of Wrought Iron Fence Maintenance – Tips for Las Vegas Homeowners

wrought iron fence maintenance

For residents who are raised in the parts of the country where winter routinely involves snow, Las Vegas, home ownership appears to be a much simpler task than they are used to. However, they shortly discover that life in the desert means that even routine tasks like wrought iron fence maintenance require a fresh set of eyes.

The Las Vegas valley is beautiful, and the air is crisp and dry. You might be wondering if it’s a little too dry. You love the ornamental iron fence around your property. This was one of the many things that made you buy the property in the first place. Though it is still beautiful, you’ve noticed that the dry heat has probably done a number on it.

There are places where the paint has chipped and the rust is showing through. The lock on the gate around the pool isn’t as sturdy as it can possibly be. Beside the Las Vegas heat, you figure some of this must be due to age even though you don’t quite know how old the fence is.

Some might even be due to the damage caused by the sprinkler system that comes during the summer months. So how do you perform wrought iron fence maintenance? It’s easier than you think, and our professionals at A1 Fence LV can help.

Wrought Iron Fence Maintenance – The Basics: Inspect Your Fence at Least Once a Year

So how do you do wrought iron fence maintenance? A good habit to have when it comes to wrought iron fence maintenance is to inspect the fence at least once a year, and ideally more than that. Look for spots of rust, chipping paint, cracked paint and any sort of damage to the paint or the underlying metal.

Use sandpaper to rub out cracks and spots then paint over them. Also, make sure that the footings and the hardware are sound. If you can handle the job, you can make the repairs yourself. If not, call us.

Clean Metal Fencing Regularly

How do I keep my iron fence from rusting? An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Another part of wrought iron fence maintenance is to clean the fence regularly.

You won’t need any special cleaner for this. Warm, sudsy water should be enough to wash away the dirt and rust that hasn’t had a chance to really eat into the metal. An old toothbrush might come in handy.

Repair Rust Spots Quickly

If there’s rust, and there probably will be, invest in a wire brush to remove it. Remember, rust that’s not dealt with will eat away at the underlying metal. Make sure to clean the rust and other dirt off of those curlicues, hinges and other tough-to-reach places. Again, you might have to use an old toothbrush to really get into those tight spaces, but it’s worth it in the end.

wrought iron fence maintenance

Reapply Paint When Needed

Eventually, paint does wear off and needs to be reapplied. We recommend that you repaint the fence, or have the fence repainted, every two or thee years.

Make sure you use the highest quality exterior, water-repellent paint you can afford, and don’t forget to first add a layer of highest quality metal primer.

Metal Protection is Key

How do you protect wrought iron? To make a new paint job and rust repair last even longer, brush or spray a sealant on the fence after the paint is completely dry. You can also rub on a thin layer of wax made especially for metal. The wax you use on your car is perfect.

It’s also a good idea to take away plants that are twining around your fence, especially prickly ones that can scratch up the metal. Yes, they’re pretty, but train them to grow on a trellis and not your fence!

Should You Repair or Replace? Call A1 Fence LV

Unfortunately, you may find that you’ve inherited a fence that’s been seriously neglected. Perhaps even so bad that it’s become an eyesore. Before you decide to invest in an entirely new fence contact our friendly professionals at A1 Fence LV.

Our company takes pride in our long history of fence repair. We have saved many homeowners from large expenditures when a cosmetic fix would work just as well.

Call us first at 702-504-0765 for a free on site consultation. We’ll inform you of all of your options from repairing a section to a fullly updated ornamental iron fence replacement.

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