Wood Fencing: An Attractive Option for Your House

Wood Fencing

Fences are a great way to add a layer of security, privacy, and aesthetics to residential or commercial properties. Wooden fencing is one of the oldest materials people used to create boundaries in their homes and farms. However, they have yet to lose touch. It remains one of the most popular fencing materials in the market today, providing both stunning looks stunning and utility. 

Here is everything you need to know about wooden fencing. 

Types of wooden fences

A wooden or timber fence is designed with timber from trees like cedar, fir, oak, and redwood. It is used as a wall to divide areas or create a structure of privacy in yards and other outdoor spaces.

There are several types of wooden fences, and you can choose from them depending on what you are looking for. Some popular wooden fencing types include:

  • Wooden picket fence: Up to 3 to 5 feet high, these fences have evenly spaced pointed-top pickets that give them their name. The pointed design prevents trespassers from climbing over and sheds raindrops easily. 
  • Post and rail fence: Designed with long rails joined by posts, this type of fence was traditionally used in barns to protect livestock.
  • Wooden Lattice fence: As the name suggests, these fences have wooden pickets in a crisscross design, creating a lattice pattern. 
  • Vertical Board fences: These are made with vertical wooden boards with minimal space between them, creating a wall-like structure. 
  • Horizontal Wooden Fences: Horizontal wooden fences are designed with horizontal staggered boards arranged on top of each panel to create a wall. The best part of horizontal wooden fences is that they offer the privacy you need without hindering the airflow. 

What are the advantages of wooden fences?

There are several advantages to wooden fences. The most prominent ones include the following:

  1. Aesthetic value: Wooden fencing is one of the most aesthetically pleasing fences in the market. Wood has a classic appeal that fits well in most homes, giving your home a sophisticated appearance. 
  2. Eco-friendly option: Wooden fences can be disposed of easily without damaging the environment as it is made from timber that we get from trees. 
  3. Affordable: If you live in a locality where wood is readily available, you can get wooden fencing at a very reasonable price compared to other materials such as iron or vinyl. 
  4. Customizable: Apart from the variety of types you can find in the market, wooden fencing can also be painted in colors of your choice. You can also get them custom-made in any shape or design to suit your needs, making them highly customizable options. 

What are some of the disadvantages of wooden fencing?

Although, they’re among the most aesthetically pleasing types of fences, wooden fencing does comes with certain disadvantages that other fence types don’t have. They are:

  • Shorter life span: If not maintained properly, wooden fencing won’t last long, unlike iron or steel fencing. 
  • Less durable: It can easily catch on fire and is prone to pests like termites and carpenter ants. Hence, you need to invest more on the maintenance of these fences. 

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