Which Security Gate or Barrier is Best For Your Business?


When running a business, it is essential to ensure the security of your site and the people working there. To ensure everyone’s safety, you need control over who can access your site. One way to do that is to have a security gate or barrier at entrances and exits. However, there are so many options in the market for security gates and barriers that it is hard to choose the best ones for your commercial property. 

Here’s how you can pick the best security gate or barrier for your business. 

Factors to consider

When picking a security gate for a business, there is no one size fits all rule. You need to consider certain factors and make the best choice depending on those. These factors are:


You need to determine how much space your property has for entrance and exit gates. If the area is wide, you can opt for siding gates, which take up more space to slide completely. If you don’t have enough space, you may have to look for swing or speed gates. 

Vehicle activity

Another factor you need to consider when selecting a security gate type is the number and type of vehicles that enter your property. If you get heavy traffic and need to identify drivers, then barriers and speed gates are optimal. If the traffic is minimal, sliding gates are a better choice.

Security level

Another crucial factor you must consider when choosing the security gate is how much security you need. Barrier gates are effective at stopping vehicles, but pedestrians can pass through them easily. If you want something that prevents access to everyone till you give permission, opt for sliding gates. 

Types of gates you can choose from

  • Speed gates: They are highly efficient as they open and close within seconds. They are ideal for sites with heavy traffic on foot and wheels. You can also add monitoring systems to them for better security. However, keep in mind that they require wider space. 
  • Swing gates: Swing gates are also faster and safe gating solutions for a business as they stop all kinds of traffic from getting in. However, they require more space than speed gates as they rotate 180 degrees when opened. 
  • Barriers: Barriers are designed to create a protective boundary around your property that prevents vehicles from entering. However, they are inefficient in stopping pedestrians and cyclists from entering your property. 
  • Turnstiles: Turnstiles are designed to stop multiple people from entering your business site. Only one person can enter at a time. Hence, they are only beneficial if you want to reduce traffic flow. 

When picking the best security gate or barrier for your business, it is essential to consider all the factors and your budget. You can also consult professionals like A1 Fence LV to help you determine your best options. 

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