December Spring Valley NV Pool Fence Installation

ornamental iron spring valley nv pool fence installation

Here in Las Vegas we tend to enjoy summer a little longer than the rest of the country. A recent call for a Spring Valley NV pool fence installation reminds us that it’s never too late in the season to think about pool safety.

spring valley nv pool fence installation

For most of the country December is a time to enjoy football and prepare for the holiday season. They’ve retired their summer festivities and are preparing for the long hibernate until spring.

spring valley nv pool fence installation

When it’s 100 degrees outside, it doesn’t take much to get pool owners to stay on top of pool maintenance. It’s usually when the temp drops into the 50s and 40s that the real work of pool ownership begins.

Year Round Pool Safety: Spring Valley NV Pool Fence Installation

spring valley nv pool fence installation

Why We Enjoy Installing Safety Fences

All jobs at A1 Fence are important. But pool fence installations have a special significance. When owners trust us with their safety fence installation, we know that their priorities are focused on keeping children, pets, or others from harm.

Each year the National Safety Council reports on heart breaking statistics involving pool accidents. It doesn’t matter whether we’re fencing in an entire back yard or just the pool itself, we welcome these calls from homeowners.

As you can see from the images, this Spring Valley NV pool fence installation enclosed a beautiful in-ground pool with wrought iron. We were able to follow the contours of the pool with the fence line and maintain the original aesthetic of the backyard.

spring valley nv pool fence installation

Additional Pool Safety Measures

Pool Alarm
Unless you’re constantly watching your pool, there will always be opportunities for people to get into your pool area. This is when installing a pool alarm comes in handy.

These are available at the big box home improvement stores in a variety of sizes and capabilities.

Pool Safety Covers – For Safety As Well As Maintenance
Pool covers are invaluable for maintaining the health of your pool. During the windy season here in the desert, they prevent leaves and all of the other debris that blows in off the street from getting into your pool.

Pool safety alarms are convenient during the season. When the pool is down for the winter, pool safety covers are an excellent idea for keeping children, pets and the occasional clumsy guest safe around your pool.

Pool safety covers are stronger that standard single purpose pool covers and can support the full weight of an adult and keep them from entering your pool. Companies like Loop-Loc market safety covers that serve well as your last line of pool defense.

Stay Vigilant
Even with the precautions we’ve described, it’s still important to maintain the habit of checking that all is well on a regular basis. Periodically walk around your fence to make sure that there are no breaks or gaps and that the lock is in working order and hasn’t been vandalized in any way.

spring valley nv pool fence installation

Call A1 Fence for Your Pool Safety Solutions

Whether it’s the height of the swimming season or the middle of our version of winter, there’s no better time to take care of your pool safety needs.

You may not be ready for a middle of December Spring Valley NV pool fence installation. But when you’re are ready to take the next step in pool safety give us a call. We can discuss pool fence installation options. This includes what type of material is best for your specific location. At A1 Fence we want to help you enjoy your pool and be safe for many year into the future. Call us today at (702) 504-0765.

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