The #1 Reason to Build a Shadowbox Privacy Fence and 3 Other Darn Good Reasons

shadowbox privacy fence

If you’re a homeowner in the valley, you’ve got options when it comes to fencing. Every style and material is open game, from concrete block to chain link, metal, vinyl and wood.

In this article we’re talking about wood fencing in general and the shadowbox privacy fence style in particular.

First, let’s talk general fence installation. No matter what fence job you are thinking about, there are a handful of factors to consider as you determine what’s best for your project. Factors like budget, material preference, HOA regulations, and aesthetics all come into play to help you make the right choice.

Doing your research here and on other vendor sites is always a good start. Check for options, discounts, and any advice you can uncover. This is especially if you are a first-timer to fence installation. In a town filled with block wall canyons, many people prefer wood simply to break up the monotony. Aside from its aesthetic quality, it’s also economically friendly.

So What Exactly is a Shadowbox Privacy Fence?

The term shadowbox refers to the arrangement of the boards. A shadowbox privacy fence is made by alternating fence pickets on your side of the fence and your neighbors side instead of side by side on one side only.

This creates spaces in between the pickets. Since there is a board between the inside and the outside of the fence, you get a nice shadow effect.

Typically these fences are 6 or 8 feet tall. Of course, anything shorter wouldn’t be very private would it? Aside from that obvious note, choosing between a 6 footer and an 8 footer is up to homeowner’s preference, budget, and locality restrictions, among other factors.

Also worth noting, a shadowbox privacy fence isn’t entirely private. The offset pickets means that the view from the other side is obstructed but not completely blocked.

As wood fences go, this is one of the more visually pleasing styles. If you decide to install one of these on your Las Vegas or Henderson property, you can look forward to a few very important benefits.

1. Enhanced property value.
Initially, the cost of installing this style fence may slow you down in your tracks a little. There’s more material, a bit more labor involved so the price is naturally going to be more expensive than a typical board on board fence. However, if you are planning to sell your home in the future, installing a fence can increase your home’s value.

Shadowbox fences drastically improves your curb appeal. This is a powerful tool for attracting those potential buyers who inevitably drive-by and look at your property before they make contact.

2. Alternating pickets offer more durability.
The alternating pickets distribute weight evenly between the rails. The pickets aren’t weighted to one side of the fence line. This directly lessens the probability of fence sagging or leaning over time.

Board shrinkage is another typical maintenance issue with traditional wood privacy fences. The shrinkage formed gaps between the boards, thus compromising the aesthetic appeal of the fence. Also it lessens the privacy/visual barrier aspect of the fence. That wood shrinkage has no effect on a shadowbox fence because the alternating pickets mask the board shrinkage and compensate for the gaps.

shadowbox privacy fence

3. Shadowbox privacy fences stand up to wind better.
Shadowbox privacy fences are not completely solid, the wind passes through them without causing too much stress. The overlaps reduce the impact of wind, which increases durability. Each year when the seasons turn Las Vegas experiences very strong winds. In areas like Boulder City near the Hoover Dam, that wind condition is a constant factor. There’s very little you can do about the wind. Investing in a privacy fence that’s structurally suited to withstand such conditions offers true value for money.

4. Both sides look the same .
Curb appeal can be a two way street. Some fences only improve your curb appeal from the outside. With a shadowbox privacy fence, that attractive look is the same both from the street and inside the yard.

This can play a part in raising your home’s resale value. It also increases your enjoyment while you’re in the home. Basic privacy fences can be somewhat unsightly on the inside. Since shadowbox fences are visually the same on both sides, your backyard environment is much more enjoyable.

shadowbox privacy fence

Like many wood fences, installing a shadowbox privacy fence can be a nice do-it-yourself project. There are plenty of instructional videos on YouTube that will give you a head start. However, installing a fence isn’t a small task and can be pretty daunting.

If you don’t have the right tools, experience, and skills it can be an ordeal that you may want to avoid. Unless this occupies a spot on your bucket list, relying on experts for their professional execution is highly recommended.

At A1 Fence LV, we have a long history of installing all types of fences in Las Vegas Valley and would be happy to consult with you on your specific project. A quick call for an onsite consultation puts you one simple step closer to enjoying the benefits we’ve mentioned above.

Contact us at your convenience. We’re glad to help. Our friendly fencing specialists will answer all your questions, offer professional advice and walk you through all the best options for your particular project and job site.

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