Fencing Contractors Custom Wrought Iron Gate Design Tips

Fencing Contractors Custom Wrought Iron Gate Design

If you have a driveway, chances are it leads to something that’s worth protecting. This means that you could benefit from a fence and a gate to control access.

Driveway gates aren’t exclusively for mansions, estates, and gated communities. They provide protection, privacy, curb appeal, and plenty of other benefits. When you go to hire professional fencing contractors, they will give you a ton of information to help you select the best gate to meet your needs. However, you must do your research as well.

In this guide, you will learn about the designs, different materials, and types of driveway fence gates available in the market. So, read further for detailed information on everything regarding driveway gates and fences especially custom wrought iron gates.

What to consider when choosing and designing custom fences and gates?

Having a professional installation for a driveway gate is the simplest option you can have. However, selecting a gate and considering all the elements attached to custom fencing can be a bit confusing.

When planning your driveway gate or fences purchase, consider these elements.


Fo most fencing contractors the biggest factor to consider when planning a gate installation is functionality. Is the owner installing the gate purely for security purposes, or to enhance curb appeal as well? Some people even install gates and fences to maximize their privacy.

Asking these questions can help choose between a swing gate, a slide gate, one that’s see-through, or one that completely blocks the view of your property.

Fencing Contractors Custom Wrought Iron Gate Design


For deciding on the material, you must consider;

  • How you want your gate to look
  • How much maintenance you feel comfortable with
  • What gate size is needed in your property
  • How much weight you want it to have
  • What color do you want for your fence or gate

You have to keep in mind that the wood is thicker, so it is not suitable for a bigger area. Steel lasts longer but is more costly than aluminum. The fencing contractors you will hire will assist you in making the right choice of materials that suit your preferences and design. We will discuss this issue in detail shortly so you can know about the materials that are being used.


Another thing you have to think about is the perspective of accessibility. You have to decide whether you want your gate to be manual or you want it automatic, which obviously will be electronic.

Depending upon what you want, you may need more than one gate if you are going for a wraparound driveway, or you may want a pedestrian gate for walk-through purpose or perhaps a door that is built within the gate itself. Also, depending upon your priority, you should consider if you want to have hands-free access to open and close/lock the gate.


The biggest concern that leads us to install gates and fences is to ensure security. Electric gates that open and close mechanically are a famous choice for the matter. For example, if you have little kids or pets at home, then consider what kind of safety features you will need on your property at a minimum, to ensure everyone stays safe.

Your fencing contractors will be able to help direct you to code specifications required in your community, many of which include emergency access boxes. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has minimum safe operating standards that you can read to get detailed knowledge.

Additional contract work 

Well, this element depends on the fences and gates you decided to install and where you are going to install.

You may need additional contractors such as electrical, landscaping, masonry, etc. based on these factors. Professionally working fencing contractors generally provide the necessary contacts with contractors that they trust and work with.

What factors custom wrought iron gates include?

When you are selecting the design of the gate, you have to look into these factors.

  • Custom designs based on a theme 
  • Color
  • Shape

Read further to get a detailed explanation of design factors;

Custom designs based on a theme 

Gates are also designed to suit a certain type of architecture, such as gothic, European, contemporary, and traditional western designs.

The layout of the design is often cultural, or you can go for a completely custom gate design. You can also incorporate a family crest or a logo, or any other element of your choice.

Color selection for custom gates

Color customization options are relatively broad. You will note color variations in the form/type of wood used for wooden driveway gates. Wood, iron, and other materials can also be stained or painted. Even with metal driveway gates, it is simple enough to have them powder coated in the color of your choice, such as those made from iron and steel.


Fencing contractors can customize the fences and driveway gates to any shape or style you like. Residential gates are built in a vertical picket frame for most homes. 

You can see some common themes in your neighborhoods like a plain rectangular gate or the flat-top gates, gates that have a gradual yet smooth arch are arch-top gates, and gates whose pickets are extending beyond their top like dots are the arch-top gates with finals.

Materials of driveway gates/custom fences and gates

One of the primary decisions you have to make is what kind of gate you want for your driveway. The material you select has a great impact on design, function, the size of the gate you want to mount, and your maintenance requirements. Common materials used by fencing contractors to make custom driveway gates include:


Custom wrought iron gates and fences are pretty common as they are highly durable and have a certain feel to them that most of the people want for their home exteriors to have. They can be customized in different designs and as well as painted in different colors and last for ages.

Moreover, they are not as expensive as steel and can be made for a wider area which is not possible with wood.


Many driveway gates are made from powder-coated steel, which is selected due to its ease of production and customization. It is also very sturdy and durable, which makes it a good option for long-term use and improving your home defense.

Fencing Contractors Custom Wrought Iron Gate Design


Sometimes aluminum is a preferred choice among people for driveway gates. Though aluminum is not sturdy and durable as the other metals, its lightweight makes it ideal for larger gates. With a lightweight gate, you don’t have to worry about sagging or misalignment of aluminum gates. It is highly resistant to rust and also reasonable from a price point of view.


If you want more customization and design options, then wood is a great material for gates on the driveway. There is plenty of things you can do with wood to have a style you like. For factors related to design like variations in color to texture depending upon the kind of wood, you get plenty of choices for your driveway gate.

The key disadvantage to remember with wood is that it is heavier. It is also more costly and is susceptible to cracking and deforming.


You may have started seeing the installation of Glass on auto and pedestrian gates in the last couple of years. Glass is an elegant material that offers a transitional appearance and can give a very contemporary look. For a stylish finish, you can sputter gold or silver onto glass material or finish the back of glass pieces in basically any color to achieve a true, one-of-a-kind look.

However, from the security and privacy perspectives, glass gates are not recommended by fencing contractors and generally.

Types of custom wrought iron gates

Start deciding which gate system will fit best for you before you buy a driveway gate, i.e., manual or automatic gate. Generally, the difference is merely a convenience. But to help you get to a more educated decision, here’s what you should know about the design, layout, budget, and materials of manual and automatic gates.

Manual gates

Manual gates are hand-powered. They come with locks for security purposes that are latched and unlatched by a human manually. Manual gates come in lots of models–whether you prefer a simple metal slat fencing or a more trendy gate, manual gates can come in different designs, and can even be personalized to suit your needs.

Manual gates are also cheaper and easier to operate than automated gates. And unlike the automated ones, manual gates don’t rely on power–which means when power is down, you will not have to worry about getting in or out of your house.

Automatic gates

Automatic gates are motor powered. Obviously, comfort is the principal advantage that an automatic gate has over a manual. Automatic gates spare homeowners from unlocking the door whenever they leave or return to their home and also free them from the hassle of getting out of the car. But besides that, automatic gates often reduce the chance of being mugged by criminals who can pick locks from your property.

Types of Automatic gates

Below are the common types of automatic gates you can find:

Swing – Gates that swing open and close.

Sliding – These gates slide from left to right, or from right to left, to open or close the doors.

Bi-Folding – Those are the gates that facilitate folding and unfolding themselves to enable entry.

Vertical Lift – These are those when the entrance gate goes vertically up and down.

Vertical Pivot Lift – These gates open revolving in and out.

Fencing Contractors Custom Wrought Iron Gate Design

Custom wrought iron gates design tips

You don’t have to settle for a basic gate design because a wrought iron gate offers many options that can make your driveway entrance a reflection of your personality or place. By using colors, custom pillars, posts, statues you can make your home’s architecture, even more beautiful.

Ornamental details

Make your driveway gate stand out with custom themed wrought-iron work. You can go for flowers or leaves or both to add curb appeal in a  simple design –especially on a property with gardens. For a stand-out feel, you can even add some lettering.

Colors and stains

Classic black wrought iron and white composite doors are timeless options. But don’t be afraid to cross the standard and see what power does a color change has.

Custom pillars

Gates need posts, so you can upgrade the standard posts stone pillars to make them look more aesthetically pleasing. Look at designs, rustic shapes, stacked stone, masonry/brick, and more when selecting stone pillars.


Decorative lighting not only elevates the style of your wrought iron gate but also adds to ease of navigation during the night along with safety. The choices are practically endless, but a good rule of thumb is to match the color of the metal features of the gate to the metalwork on the light fixture.

Are you looking for a wrought iron fence installation?

If you are looking for fencing contractors that not only makes custom wrought iron gates but also has experience in the field, then contact A1 Fence. Our professionals will satisfy your safety concerns and make the design of gates and fences that matches your taste or the theme you are going for.

From wrought iron fence installation to wrought iron fence repair, our trained professionals will guide you in detail about every little thing and ensure that you can trust for all your top-quality gating and fencing needs. Our fencing solutions are reliable, affordable, and they are guaranteed to please our customers.

Our services include;

  • Custom fences and gates
  • Custom wrought iron gates
  • Wrought iron fence installation
  • Wrought iron fence repair

For more information on driveway gates and you can contact us online or give us a call. We are available to answer any questions you may have about our commercial or residential fencing solutions.

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