Choosing Fence Companies in Pahrump NV

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If you’re a homeowner or business owner and you need new fencing or a significant repair, then rating fence companies in Pahrump is probably a topic that’s on your mind a bit.
Obviously, you want to select the best fence company but…

… how exactly do you determine which company is the right for you?

At first glance it makes sense to say I’ll just stick to fence companies in Pahrump. Going with a local fence contractor seems like a pretty reasonable choice.

There are quite a few fence contractors local to Pahrump.

You can pick up the Yellow Pages or fire up your favorite web browser, go to Google and type in Pahrump Fencing and go with the first company you come across.

Unfortunately, that can be a recipe for disaster. Or at least a lot of needless aggravation. Whether a company is local or national, residential or commercial, there are a few things you should always consider:

Fence Companies in Pahrump: Experts and Generalists

Many large contractors offer fencing installation and repair services. However, when you look a little closer, you’ll notice that fencing is just a part of their portfolio of services. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

But it is worth noting when compared to a Pahrump fence company like A1 Fence and Gate Repair LLC. This type of company is completely focused on fencing.
Their entire business is dedicated to satisfying the fencing needs of Pahrump’s businesses and homeowners. Whether that’s a small gate repair or an entire industrial perimeter installation.

Sub-contracting projects after securing a contract is a common practice with large contractors. This actually makes sense as subcontracting enables them to go after a larger number of opportunities in a wide variety of fields. And hiring subs, means the general contractor doesn’t need to be a fencing expert.

Unfortunately, without proper hiring and quality control, you may find someone working on your project who can’t properly diagnose your fencing project. And may offer a solution that is not the best one for your property or business.

Presence Matters for the Top Pahrump Fence Companies

In basketball, the no look pass is a sign of skill. With fencing contractors, a no look estimate is a sign that you need to find another fence company in Pahrump.

When a company gives you a quote without ever seeing the work site, expect that your final costs will be higher than initially quoted.

fence companies in pahrump

The more reputable fencing companies in Pahrump, like A1 Fence and Gate Repair LLC, routinely perform site visits as part of their quoting process.

According owner Eli Maciel, these site visits are invaluable. They allow his team to provide accurate quotes that often are much more competitive than other fencing companies in Pahrump who were contacted.

You should make it a point to insist on quotes based on in-person consultations. In a competitive environment, it’s best to avoid any fencing company that isn’t willing to see in person what they are bidding on. It only makes sense.

Consider the Family Owned Fence Companies in Pahrump

One of the major differences between hiring a large corporation and a family owned business is what your opinion means to the family owned business.
In this new era reviews on Yelp, Google Plus and Facebook matter.

They matter more when you’re a family owned business. Larger corporations can generally shrug off unfavorable local reviews due to their size. Smaller family owned businesses are much more sensitive to luke warm or negative reviews.

A1 Fence and Gate Repair is a family owned business. Eli knows that problems with his company’s reputation affect him today and his son in years to come when it’s time to hand over the business.

Eli works hard to develop and maintain a solid reputation among his past customers and with professional watchdog organizations such as the Better Business Bureau. As with any fencing company you are considering, Eli makes his references easily available for any customer considering his services.

Fencing Pahrump NV – When a Quote is Too Good

Inexperienced fence companies in Pahrump who are trying to get a foothold tend to provide quotes that are significantly lower than the norm.

When considering different quotes, it’s natural to want to go with the lowest one you received. However, sometimes a quote is “too good.”

The company you’re using may be trying to distract you from important questions about licensing and insurance.

Using a company that offers a great quote but that isn’t licensed through the Nevada State Contractors Board may seem like a great idea at the start. However, it can result in liability and workmanship issues that far outweigh any cost savings you thought you were going to enjoy.

A1 Fence is a full service fencing company and just one of the high quality fencing companies in Pahrump NV. When it’s time you’re your next fence repair or fence installation, following the recommendations in this guide will ensue that you’ll find the fencing contractor that’s right for your individual project.