Keeping the Kids Safe | Bollard Installation at the Acelero Learning – Reach Out Center

acelero learning bollard installation

For most people, parking lot bollards aren’t very exciting. For the average person, bollards are usually a non-topic. That usually changes if they happen to bump into one while driving

While they may seem boring, they are crucial for traffic control and safety. A1 Fence LV is one of the premier fencing contractors in the Las Vegas Valley. We’re also the goto bollard installation contractors in the Las Vegas Valley. Companies call us for bollard installation or the occasional post-accident bollard repair.

One of our recent installations was at the Acelero Learning – Reach Out Center in downtown Las Vegas. It’s in a high-traffic location behind UMC’s Lied Ambulatory Care Center. The Reach Out Center wanted more protection for its outdoor children’s playground.

acelero learning bollard installation

Sometimes the Best Stories Are the Ones That Never Get Written

In this case, that story would be tragic. Imagine a truck plowing through the facility’s playground with children present.

Luckily, after this project is complete that’s no longer a worry. For this project, we installed 6 and 5/8 inch thick bollards in concrete. We buried these bollards three feet deep with four feet exposed above ground. These bollards are high-visibility and designed to sustain a high level of impact protection.

All of our projects are important to us, but safety and security projects carry a little more gravity. The Acelero Learning project is clearly one of those. Its purpose is to protect children. We’re very much looking forward to working with them in the future.

Our crews did their usual high-quality, professional installation and clean-up. The result is another satisfied local business.

acelero learning bollard installation
Acelero Learning Reach Out Center

Benefits of Installing Bollards

Here are a few benefits to think about when considering bollards for your property. 

Bollard Installations Help Mark Boundaries 

Pedestrians and traffic simply do not mix well. Whenever cars and pedestrians have access to the same space, pedestrians experience a certain level of risk. Even a low-speed collision can result in injury or death. Poor traffic signage, insufficient signals, ambiguous crossing zones, and overcrowded pedestrian pathways can all be dangerous. If you have bollards installed, however, they will improve safety by clearly delineating the pedestrian and vehicle zones.

Bollards Help Keep Things Organized

Bollards serve as a visual assist to alert drivers to potential difficulties wherever they are present. They are excellent for drawing attention to locations with high curbs or to direct traffic to a narrower route or entry/exit point.

In a high-traffic area, such as a parking lot or access road, a line of bollards can prevent cars from mistakenly encroaching into pedestrian zones or emergency hold-back areas. Bollards can also keep impatient drivers from deviating from a property’s intended traffic flow.

Low Cost 

Bollards are the cheapest option available among all the fencing installation and site features. They are also incredibly low maintenance. Aside from occasional spot painting, you don’t have to worry about the bollards needing repair or re-installation unless they’re stuck by a very heavy vehicle.  

Bollards Save Lives

Of course, the greatest cost advantage is the protection of people and property against vehicle-related damage. According to, drivers crash their automobiles into buildings an incredible 60 times every day on average, killing up to 500 people and injuring at least 4,000 more.

acelero learning bollard installation
Source: The Columbian.

Such incidents can be intentional or accidental, but the aftermath is the same. The folks at Acelero Learning can rest assured at their Reach Out Center, children and staff are protected.

Acelero Learning in Clark County, Nevada

Acelero Learning is a leading provider of early childhood education and family engagement services. They’ve been providing Head Start services since 2001 and currently children and families in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Wisconsin.

Acelero operates fourteen facilities in Clark County. In addition to Head Start, Acelero provides classes in English as a Second Language, safety training, SNAP workshops, WIC information sessions, kindergarten transition support, Achievement Gap workshops, and other family activities.

To facilitate working families, they provide Wrap-Around services for early pick-up, and late drop-off. Additionally, five of their centers provide Extended Day Programs.

Acelero creates a learning program that transcends the ordinary learning of the school. They take the initiatives to help the families become prosperous alongside the kids. So that their efforts can create an overall positive impact, and in this process, Acelero considers the community and cultural values of the involved families. 

Final Thoughts 

Installing bollards on your property makes your premises safer and well organized. If your facility has any form of exposure to vehicular traffic you need to do your due diligence. We invite you to contact our bollard installers about your specific location.

We have a proven track record of excellence. We look forward to discussing your project. Call our office at (702) 504-0765 to set up an on-site consultation.